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  • ★ Wanted recruitment ★

    Not one more person,

    Because everyone is there, I can do my best!

    Zans Corporation

Educational experience experience, no problem! Opportunity to start from zero! «I Love Gyoza Akiba's Ryuo Akihabara general head office»

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    \ Person who wants to fulfill a dream, to those who want to find a dream! /

    Our company, including representatives, many people who have experienced part-time workers and part-time workers!

    That is why there is understanding in the dreams of the staff. To the entrepreneur-intentioned staff, why do you allow "no net presentation during business" !?

    Education and experience are absolutely no problem! New Year, there are also winter / summer vacation, so I can drive in as much as I want!

    Supports you fully in terms of money, such as employee dormitories and family allowances!

    Let 's have a dream together!

    "I Love Gyoza Akiba's Ryuo Akihabara general head office" working shop!

    The atmosphere of the store is just like a Chinese stall! Although it is full-bodied but reasonable, a variety of prejudice menus are popular ♪

    [1] Employee A: More than 250,000 yen per month (6th day off)

    [2] Employee B: More than 230,000 yen per month (8th day off)

    [3] Manager / chef: more than 300,000 yen a month (six days off on Monday)

    [4] Part-time job: Hourly wage of 1000 yen or more (day payment permitted)

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